Beer Cupboard

4 Mar

I’ve taken a dangerous plunge– dedicating a cupboard to stocking some of my favorite not-available-at-corner-stores (though mostly available at City Beer Store or Healthy Spirits) beers, for special (or at least moderately-special) occasions:

Sours: Cascade Kriek, Strubbe Flemish Red, Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour, Russian River Supplication & Consecration, Upright Billy The Mountain

Belgians: Rochefort 8 & 10, Westvleteren 10 & 12, Orval, Liefmans Goudenband

Belgian-Style US: Allagash Black & Tripel & Tripel Reserve, Russian River Damnation

Barrel-aged: J.W. Lees Whiskey-barrel-aged, Fifty-Fifty Eclipse Barrel-Aged Stout, Goose Island Bourbon County Stout

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