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Radicchio-Kale-Bacon Omelet

12 Mar

From the back yard garden, kale and radicchio that’s finally forming heads (planted last fall).

With fermented Jimmy Nardello pepper paste…

Backyard Garden Bowl

10 Nov

From earlier this summer, a bowl mostly picked from our little urban raised-bed garden: Armenian cucumber, tomatoes, blistered Padron peppers, sliced jalapeno (along with a soft-boiled egg and some sardines).

I wish I ate like this all the time.


Steak, zucchini-hazelnut-basil salad.

1 Oct


Starting to cook weeknight dishes from Ottolenghi’s Plenty. The salad was simple but surprisingly good.


Kale, Pistachios, Yogurt, Padrones.

18 Sep



Pea Shoots (and Peas), Parsley, Sheep Feta, Apricots, First Cherries of the Season.

13 May


Arugula, Baked Egg, Garlic Yogurt, Paprika Butter

20 Apr


Cooking from Plenty. Excellent.

And the Straus plain Greek yogurt is now my favorite brand.

Eggs Baked in Delicata Squash, Kale

15 Jan

That thing where you bake oiled delicata squash slices in the oven for 40 minutes at 400F, and crack a raw egg into them 15 minutes before the end? Still really good, and easy. +Oven-roasted kale and pancetta.

squash eyes