Wine Tasting around Healdsburg

8 Mar


A relaxing weekend with H in the picturesque environs of Healdsburg (Alexander, Dry Creek, and Russian River Valleys), about an hour North of San Francisco.

Sometimes this blog is a place to jot down quick food/drink notes to look up later / in case I lose the paper notebook, and this is one of those times:

Favorite wines of the 35ish tasted, all brought back for further “investigation” with friends and food:

  • MacRostie Wildcat Mountain Pinot Noir (2012) – initially not much aroma, later smelled of cedar and vanilla, very smooth and light, not too sweet or strong, an overall very, very good Pinot.
  • MacRostie Wildcat Mountain Pinot Noir (2010) – my favorite wine of the trip — slightly peppery, smooth, some bite up front but not a long overly tannic finish, slight tartness, and just overall one of my favorite examples of a Pinot in a long time. I’d always be happy to just sip a glass of this on its own…
  • MacRostie 25th Anniversary Pinot Noir (Russian River Valley, 2012) – a slightly more robust Pinot, a bit smoky, should also go well with a dinner featuring meat.
  • Preston Petite Syrah (2012) – excellent — forceful, earthy, made me think of a quarry, bold — I look forward to trying it with a steak.
  • Woodenhead Russian River Pinot Noir (2011) — a bit of an aroma of brassicas with a bit of butter or lard. Smooth, solid, slightly tart Pinot with some surprising bite evocative of mustard seed. Unusual. I bet it will be good with a ham sandwich and pickles..
  • Arista Russian River Valley Chardonnay (2012) — blend of three wines — I don’t drink much white wine and especially Chardonnay, but this was quite nice– floral, lemon-lime finish, and atypically I liked the bit of butteriness.
  • Preston Viognier (2013) — hints of orange blossom, smooth, slight honey sweetness. Immediately a wine I can imagine drinking before a beachside fish feast a la La Huella.

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