Eating in Nuremberg, Prague

28 Jan

The food in Eastern Germany and the Czech Republic was heavy meat-and-potatoes fare that had me missing Northern California. Hütt’n in Nuremberg was a cozy little wood-lined pub with maybe eight tables, and is the one restaurant I’d strongly recommend (get there on the early side or make a reservation…).

At Hütt’n, Nuremberger sausages with a mustard-y potato salad (Franconian-style, I believe) and some strong horseradish, washed down with a dark-by-Germany’s-standards beer:

Everything on that plate was delicious, and it was probably my second-favorite meal of the extended trip, after the chicken rice in Singapore.

Their apfelstrudel was okay, but the other dessert, a fried apple fritter of some sort, was better:

The other food was decent, but none of the restaurants were ones I’d tell people to seek out. For example, a middling pretzel split in half and buttered, served for lunch with a bacon-filled pastry:

Venison Goulash with potatoes. Heavy and impossible to finish:

Mixed grilled meat. Still heavy:

I went 0 for 2 on food in Prague: terrible ham sandwiches with mayo, and bad smoked duck and pork. But the hot chocolate (more in the “melted dark chocolate” style) was good:

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