Food in Iceland

24 Jan

Even beyond The Hot Dog (already mostly lamb), most of what we ate during an epic December trip across Iceland was lamb or arctic char (14 lamb dishes and 13 with char in 12 days)… The trip was more about the icebergs, the lava, and the hot pools than the food, but a few memorable bits:

Salted cod and tomato.


But, even better, salted cod pizza from the pizza place with no name:



Probably my favorite restaurant, Grillmarkaðurinn. Steak (the only beef all trip?) and lava salt and a bit of whale meat (itself very reminiscent of steak).


Cooking Christmas dinner in a little guesthouse near Höfn. Had to unscrew the plastic handles from a stock pot to make something we could put in the oven, and the knives were so dull they could barely slice an onion.



Homemade braised lamb stew and Brussels with fried mutton lunchmeat as a stand-in for bacon.


Yet more lamb.


Rye bread that was baked by burying it underground near a geothermal pool.


Smoked puffin. Dark and a bit fishy.


Wall of yogurt.


Some amusing menu translations. We did not eat the “our least sustainable fish and a must try when it is available”.


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