Limoncello (+ lime, bergamot)

3 May


Peels of each type of citrus (meyer lemon, lime, and bergamot) soaked in vodka for a month in a dark cupboard, swirled gently every few days.


After a month, I strained the peels out of the vodka. Instead of just adding a simple syrup, I got another set of each type of citrus (meyer lemons and limes from friends’ back yards, and I was fortunately still able to find fresh bergamot at Bi-Rite) and made each into an oleo saccharum– and then used that citrus-oil-infused sugar as the sweetener.


From left to right: Limecello, Bergamot Arancello, Limoncello


High enough in alcohol to keep a bottle in the freezer without it turning to ice,  good as an after-dinner digestif.

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