Long Grain Thai Cuisine

17 Sep

This was by far my favorite Thai(ish) restaurant in the US. I like it far more than already good Pok Pok or the (I feel somewhat overrated) Lotus of Siam.

First, the “stir fried rice cakes with green garlic”:

rice cakes garlic

A surprisingly smooth, creamy, stiff texture almost like a fried rice pudding, with fresh, flavorful green garlic. A good start. And then:

noodles etc

The pad see ew was fantastic– their homemade wide flat noodles with just a little chewiness and a smoky flavor, a locally-made tofu, wild mushrooms, and some toothy greens sauteed in soy sauce.

The kim chee and pork belly stir fry was also exceptional: their kim chee (more in the tart fermented direction than chili spicy), with tender yet not too fatty pork belly and greens.

The smoked mackerel fried rice was a bold move– so very fishy-fish-forward that I wouldn’t want to eat it as my only dish, but it was great to share.

The kicker? It’s in small-town Maine. I first heard about it through the NY Times review a year ago and it wasn’t until recently that I was within 100 miles of it, with time to visit.

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