12 May

What I meant to be a quick solo dinner at home turned into my first time making something oyakodon-like.


Sauteed a chicken thigh in a little sesame oil with garlic for 10 minutes.

Poured some chicken broth and a little soy sauce and brown rice vinegar around it, then let it simmer covered on medium until mostly reduced and thick, another 10 minutes or so. I poked at the chicken and it didn’t look pink any more…

Cracked in two eggs, whisked them, and covered it again to steam them on low for another few minutes. Then laid it out on cooked rice (rinsed 6 times until clear, mixed 1:1 rice:water, brought to a boil, then let sit covered on low heat until done, about 20 minutes). Not bad, but it could have used less soy and some other sauce or seasoning at the end. Hmm.

Plus my new favorite quick pickles (inspired by Nancy Hachisu’s Japanese Farm Food): coarsely smashed/hand-torn cucumbers + sea salt + minced green garlic (bulb and stalk), mixed together, sealed in a ziploc bag, and refrigerated for an hour.


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