Noisette, Pork w/ Mustard, Butchering Mirrors

6 Aug

Among other food adventures last weekend, I went to Noisette, a mix of Noisepop-curated bands (I really enjoyed the new-to-me Pillowfight with Dan the Automator, Kid Koala, and Emily Wells… but I digress from food), Speakeasy beers, and delicious small plates by nine local restaurants.

One of my favorites was the rabbit sausage with liver and peaches on a homemade cracker, by flour+water. I’m also a sucker for edible nasturtium flowers.

And the most memorable was (no photo) the pork shoulder with mustard sauce by Namu. I was surprised, as I didn’t really like Namu when I ate there once before (granted, I ate there as a consolation prize, after not being able to get in to my favorite sushi place a few blocks away), so this must have been really good to knock down my preconceptions. Now I have to go check out their new space in the Mission.

Gratuitously, there was also a hog butchering demo with a mirror for multi-angle viewing:

A fine overcast day to spend the entire afternoon eating, drinking, and listening to music.

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