Yüksel Balık (fish restaurant), Istanbul

10 Feb

(wrapping up a few food photos from a recent trip to Turkey):

On the recommendation of a local, we went to Yüksel Balık, a good fish restaurant right by the ocean, a bit outside the city center. They bring you into a side room where recently-caught fish are laid out on a cold marble slab. You pick one or more, tell them how you want it cooked (they typically fry it), and get charged based on the weight.

I chose some hamsi (a type of anchovy) as an appetizer to share, and a spiky, fierce-looking turbot (a sort of flat fish, see below:)

Fried bones-in, the hamsi were very good, and fish-oily:

The spikes on the turbot survived the cooking process… and it was good, though a bit bland:

Overall, a good dinner (and sweet-dessert collection with variants on baklava).

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