Brussels Sprouts, Lentils, Pea Sprouts. Eh.

3 Jan

This quick meal was unremarkable, and involved three pots to clean.

The Brussles sprouts were pretty good: a strip of bacon fried, then drained, a minced shallot + thyme + a sliced apple sauteed in the bacon fat, brussels sprouts separately braised (in a covered pot w/ half a cup of water for 8 minutes), then added to the frying pan along with the drained bacon for a minute (perhaps it should have been longer — they were successfully not-overcooked-or-bitter, but also not as bacony as I’d hoped).

The lentils failed: 1/3 cup lentils + 1 cup water + a dried red pepper in the pressure cooker for 10 minutes from first steam– but most of the water ran out and they got a little burned, in addition to being bland. I made a  much better lentil soup over the weekend.

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