Beans, squash, duck egg

12 Aug

A quick dinner from mostly free-to-me ingredients:

I sauteed some fresh ginger and moroccan spice[1] in peanut oil, then added crookneck squash[2], coated it in the spiced oil, and cooked for about 5 minutes. In parallel, I boiled the wide flat beans[3] for a few minutes (they turned bright green). I added the drained beans to the squash for a minute, emptied them onto a plate, then fried a duck egg[4] in the oil left over in the pan. I served them with lemon[2] and avocado[3]. Not bad!

[1] Included by Powell’s with my recent book order. Dulcet brand, a mix of turmeric, salt, paprika, cayenne, pepper, saffron, and other spices (I mainly tasted the turmeric, salt, and a bit of heat).
[2] Overflow from a friend’s garden.
[3] A friend was out of town so I picked up his CSA this week.
[4] Free from work. Long story.

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