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Homemade Wild Boar Jamon

1 Nov


Not homemade-by-me– but a friend hunted and shot a wild boar last spring, and coated a leg in salt and hung it up in his garage to cure for the past six months.

We tasted it this week.

It was delicious– much more like a cured ham than “wild game”. And hey, I don’t seem to have developed botulism.

Cured Meat and Smoked Beer

9 Mar

A friend and coworker made his own cured pork belly and wild boar salami (and I mean real running-in-the-woods, invasive, shot-by-a-friend wild boar, not the Texas-ranch-raised “wild boar”) . And a group of us had a little shindig pairing those with various smoked or barrel-aged beers:

The beer highlights for me were the Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen, a smoked beer with a light touch (and I don’t like most smoked beers I’ve had), and The Lost Abbey Angel’s Share (bourbon aged, chewy, >12% ABV, strong– a sour cherry barrel aged version of that at City Beer a few years ago was one of my favorite beers).

The Arrogant Bastard Oak Aged did nothing special for me, and I actively disliked the Lips of Faith (New Belgium) sour beer.