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Favorite sushi place: still amazing after 10 years.

21 Apr


Plate of sashimi. Friendly couple who greet me by name even if it’s been 6-12 months. No fuss, no elaborate rolls.

Chirashi at Home

3 Feb


One of the things I love about the city is being able to pop down to the Japantown market, pick up some slabs of sashimi-grade salmon, tuna, and salmon roe, then eat them over rice. With seaweed salad, sesame seeds, radish sprouts, pickled ginger… and the rarely-seen fresh wasabi root for grating ($100/lb but you only need an ounce). All for less than I’d spend going out for cheap sushi most places.

Sashimi Heaven

13 Jan

Fish at the informal yet favorite sushi place* was in top form! The hamachi, albacore, and fresh scallop in particular.

Sashimi plate (and the embarrassment of  using one of those “retro camera filter” programs):

Hamachi kama:

Not shown: asparagus-shiitake stirfry, tsunomono (paper-thin cucumber slices, sliced octopus, vinegar, spicy sprouts), and one concession to rolls: crunchy fried salmon skin.

* I’ve vowed not to publish its name, because it doesn’t need any more customers (you have to get there 45+ minutes before it opens to get a seat, or tonight: 80 minutes)… but if you know me, I’m happy to take you there in person some time…