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Steak & Salad

31 Oct

Quite a day at work, so treating myself to: steak (Five Dot Ranch ribeye w/ salt and pepper, seared on each side in a cast iron skillet on the stovetop, then cooked in the oven in the same skillet at 500F to the hairy edge of medium-rare), padrone peppers fried in olive oil, kale and spinach (lightly steamed), some good tomatoes (Happy Boy dry-farmed, sweet), and a special Russian River Damnation-Ale-aged-with-oak-chips. Yes.

Potato Salad

24 Jul

potato salad

Just a simple mayonnaise-free variant on potato salad I make from time to time:

  1. Wash and boil small russet potatoes with the skins on (20-30 minutes, until done).
  2. Toss some green beans into the water a minute before the potatoes are done (to blanche).
  3. Drain and rinse the potatoes and beans.
  4. Add plenty of mustard and olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh dill and chives.