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Boudins Blanc

22 Nov

Freshly-made Boudin Blanc, the white pork sausage made with cream, twice in one week? Once by Christopher Lee at an outdoor wine event, and once by Russell Moore at Camino:

The former was served with Acme bread and sauerkraut, and was a bit more meaty in flavor, while the latter was a chicken-pork Boudin Blanc (as praised by Bakesale Betty’s Alison Barakat) with an especially fine-grained texture, and an almost nutty flavor (caramelized onions? the taste of the fire pit?),  served with duck fat potatoes, beets, red sauerkraut , and a kabocha-radish salad. Both were delicious.

The dessert at Camino was also a style I like and see too rarely– just a collection of small not-too-sweet bites (candied grapefruit peel, honeycomb candy, etc). It reminded me (in a less over-the-top way) of the “boxes and trays of tiny bites for dessert” they have at Del Posto.