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Mission Chinese: Pork Jowl, Radish, Mint, Anise Peanuts!

8 May

Quick takeout from Mission Chinese while packing for a trip, and it was intensely, all-consumingly delicious (and all consumed). Stir-fried pork jowl with radishes, mint, fermented black beans, and vinegar-anise-garlic peanuts. 

Mission Chinese Food

16 Mar

I can’t remember the last time I got takeout, but a rainy day and work insanity seemed like a good excuse. And Mission Chinese Food is so cheap, I had to order three side dishes to get up to the $15 minimum.

Hainam Chicken Rice (w/ chicken fat, peanuts)

Peanuts cooked in vinegar, anise, smoked garlic (amazing!)

Pickled cabbage and chili (fine)

Hot and sour cucumber with chili, dried shrimp, chrysanthemum (also excellent!)