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Kasha, Grilled Haloumi, Tomatoes

28 Aug

I’d been craving kasha, that staple of russian jewish grandmothers everywhere, so I sat down and made it. A cup of buckwheat groats mixed with a beaten egg and toasted for a few minutes in a skilled until dry. Onion, salt, and pepper sauteed in oil. Chicken stock boiled in a heavy pan and then both of those added to it, and cooked covered over low heat for about 12 minutes, before adding in cooked bowtie pasta. Solid.

And to go with it, I wanted something using tomatoes… and a recent Smitten Kitchen recipe for grilled Haolumi (a firm feta-like greek cheese) with tomatoes, olive oil, olives, and parsley hit the spot. The Haolumi really held its shape and didn’t just melt away.

An Almanac Beer Honey Saison (local honey and ginger) rounded it out.

A fairly quick and satisfying meal for one that somehow seemed to dirty four pans. Planning went wrong somewhere…