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at flour + water: rabbit raviolini w/ chestnuts and sage

20 Dec

flour + water: rabbit raviolini w/ chestnuts and sage

very good.

flour + water pasta tasting

29 Sep


It was so good I had to do it again when they switched menus.

It wasn’t as every-single-dish-I-want-to-eat-again amazing as last time, but the radiatore with hen and the fattisu with duck and chanterelles (my favorite mushroom) were fantastic. Both were rich but slightly tart, whether from the lemon, the chanterelles, or the cabbage.

For wine, the Tami Grillo and Foradori Teroldego were highlights. Hints of—-┬ánever mind, I can’t do wine tasting notes, I really have no idea what I’m talking about (probably luckily).

flour + water pasta tasting

23 Sep


I lucked into a special “summer pasta tasting” menu option recently, and it was one of my best meals out in quite a while. flour + water really is that good (especially their pasta).

Every one of these pastas was something I’d happily order again as a standalone dish, but my favorites were probably the agnolotti dal plin (filled with hen and perhaps another meat or some pork broth? so rich…) and the rabbit francobolli with chanterelles & sage.