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flour + water pasta tasting

14 Mar


One of the best pasta tastings I’ve had there. The anise-ish tarragon in the beet mezzaluna! The stripes of mint in the tagliatelle with bottarga!

roasted duck, black pepper, egg pasta (flour+water)

5 Oct

After working late, I dropped by flour + water on my way home to see if there was a seat at the bar, sat down within 15  minutes, and had one of the better meals I’ve had there:

roasted duck breast with chestnut, roasted squash, walnut & pumpkin seed

I do like the time of year when chestnuts make an appearance in food. And this dish was phenomenal– juicy, tender duck with a slightly sweet chestnut puree and a lot of mellow, well-blended supporting flavors.

black pepper tagliarini with tesa, broccoli di ciccio & soft cooked egg

This was one of my favorite pasta experiences here, up with the carrot caramelle and radiatore with whey-braised hen.

The pasta was just so tender and perfectly cooked, the egg was exceptional (and mixing it in distributed rich, dark yellow, runny yolk over each strand of pasta), and the tesa (cured pork belly) was intense, like a concentrated less-salty bacon, but used in moderation and didn’t overpower the pasta.

Quite a dinner.

And while I rarely have anything to say about wine, the De Forville Barbaresco, Vigna Loreto 2008, Piemonte was also one of my favorites in quite a while– a taste almost like swimming in a gravel-lined, fresh mountain stream– in a good way (I think the oenophile-approved adjective is “mineraly”).

Noisette, Pork w/ Mustard, Butchering Mirrors

6 Aug

Among other food adventures last weekend, I went to Noisette, a mix of Noisepop-curated bands (I really enjoyed the new-to-me Pillowfight with Dan the Automator, Kid Koala, and Emily Wells… but I digress from food), Speakeasy beers, and delicious small plates by nine local restaurants.

One of my favorites was the rabbit sausage with liver and peaches on a homemade cracker, by flour+water. I’m also a sucker for edible nasturtium flowers.

And the most memorable was (no photo) the pork shoulder with mustard sauce by Namu. I was surprised, as I didn’t really like Namu when I ate there once before (granted, I ate there as a consolation prize, after not being able to get in to my favorite sushi place a few blocks away), so this must have been really good to knock down my preconceptions. Now I have to go check out their new space in the Mission.

Gratuitously, there was also a hog butchering demo with a mirror for multi-angle viewing:

A fine overcast day to spend the entire afternoon eating, drinking, and listening to music.

flour + water / dough room

29 May

Well, that was a great birthday dinner, and one of the most enjoyable meals of my life (due to food, atmosphere, and company). Almost five casual hours in The Dough Room at flour+ water with a dozen friends, eating, drinking wine, and chatting. Amazing food, a classy-yet-casual and not too stuffy setting (white tablecloth… on the butcher block table they prepare pasta on, with a meat slicer, a pig-shaped boom box, and a walk-in refrigerator along the edges of the room), and the buzz of conversation without the noise of a big restaurant in the background. Life is good.

They put together a special eight-course meal for us, incorporating some flavors I like (fennel/anise, citrus, pork, rabbit, mushrooms, peas, pine-y vermouth) and whatever was in season.

Sliced-thin porcini mushrooms, greens/herbs from the rooftop garden, porcini broth:

Veal carpaccio with salt-cured egg yolk:

Carrot-whey-coriander filled pasta. Almost everyone’s favorite dish:

Just a whole lamb, hanging out behind the door (they buy all whole animals and break them down and cook from them):

I don’t even normally like white chocolate, but decided to be open-minded and not ask for a change. It was great. And the crunchy/airy pink wafers of hibiscus made us think of astronaut ice cream. The spruce-y vermouth with dessert was the only specific drink I requested, and is fascinating.

Quite an evening. I’d say “once in a lifetime”, but I hope to do something similar some day… maybe for my next multiple-of-5 birthday.