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Hong Kong Lounge Dim Sum

19 Aug

I have a new favorite place to get Dim Sum in the bay area, edging out my previous favorite (East Ocean Seafood in Alameda): the Hong Kong Lounge, in San Francisco at Geary and 18th Ave.

There were about 60 people in line, but a friend got there an hour early to put our names in:


The food was remarkably delicious and not heavy. We filled up this table with dishes three times over the two hours we were eating there:

I’ll especially praise the addictive taro cakes (rice flour, taro, and bits of pork, soft on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside), the chive dumplings, another fried gyoza-like pork dumpling (not sure exactly what it was), a mushroom dumpling with a translucent wrapper (wheat starch without the gluten?), and the best dessert custard bun I’ve ever had. The chili sauce was also excellent, and many people loved the chicken wings, but I thought they were only “quite good” — after having had the San Tung dry-fried chicken wings it’s hard to give any other wings the time of day.


Here’s the dim sum equivalent of the obnoxious rich celebrities who post photos of their $50k caviar-and-champagne bar tabs online: 51 dim sum plates split between 13 serious eaters…


30 Jun

Dumplings around SF. My favorites were the xiao long bao at Shanghai Dumpling King and the Pork and Chive (w/ unusually good chili sauce) from Kingdom of Dumpling. Full details at the bike blog, since this was a food / biking crossover: http://bikeit.tumblr.com/post/26301800287/dumpling-ride-recap

Eating in China

22 Jan

I was briefly in China (in and near Shanghai), and tried to eat a little bit of everything… but nothing really stood out. Partly, I like the Shanghai style of food less (a lot of sweet sauces and heavy, oily food). Mostly, I think I just wasn’t eating at the right places, and was eating some meals at or near hotels and didn’t have much time to explore. Oh well, I’ll have to go back with some actual restaurant research.

My one new-to-me find was dragon fruit (pitaya), the red-skinned fruit with black seeds in white flesh below– a mild but pleasant and not-too-sweet flavor and texture.

I love soup dumplings (xiao long bao) — meat-filled dumplings that also have some aspic/meat stock that melts into gelatin/broth during cooking. However, the ones I had in a hotel restaurant were nothing special– certainly worse than the ones at Shanghai Dumpling King in San Francisco.

Hotel breakfasts more in the Western direction: