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Moroccan Dinner Party

10 Feb

Inspired by a recent vacation in Morocco, we made dinner for a group of friends (and, as with Iceland, ended up going a bit overboard with food).

Beets with cumin, carrot and orange blossom salad, pepper-tomato jam, eggplant zaalouk:


Fresh baked semolina bread:


Pastilla / B’stilla (savory pastry pigeon pie with egg and almond and cinnamon– in this case made with chicken thighs for convenience):

Lamb, olive, cardoon, and preserved lemon tagine with homemade couscous:



Good food, friends, cheer (and leftovers).

Handmade Couscous

9 Feb

Making couscous from scratch (flour, water, mist, roll with palm, filter, steam, repeat) for a Moroccan-themed dinner party, inspired by this NYtimes article and the linked article.

Hydrated at the end with saffron-infused water.

A repetitive, satisfying, and successful process.

15-minute Couscous Dinner

7 Apr


Pearl couscous browned in olive oil, then simmered with preserved lemon, cayenne, water. Mixed with toasted pistachios, parsley, mint.