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Red Cabbage Sauerkraut

26 Feb

This batch of sauerkraut turned out especially good:


I cut two heads each of savoy and red cabbage into long narrow strips, then sprinkled them generously with sea salt, let them rest, then kneaded them until juice was coming out and they were turning translucent. I added a decent amount of caraway seed and a handful of dried juniper berries, covered it with a few spare cabbage leaves, and weight them down with some ceramic weights– pushing the cabbage down into its own liquids. Then I just let it lacto-ferment in a crock on the counter for 3 or 4 weeks, tasting periodically.

The result was a moderately sour bright maroon kraut that still had some good crunch… I moved it to the fridge to slow further fermentation.


So far it’s gone especially well with sausages and mustard, or with home-smoked brisket and fermented thai chilies on a taco…img_20170213_202350


Boudins Blanc

22 Nov

Freshly-made Boudin Blanc, the white pork sausage made with cream, twice in one week? Once by Christopher Lee at an outdoor wine event, and once by Russell Moore at Camino:

The former was served with Acme bread and sauerkraut, and was a bit more meaty in flavor, while the latter was a chicken-pork Boudin Blanc (as praised by Bakesale Betty’s Alison Barakat) with an especially fine-grained texture, and an almost nutty flavor (caramelized onions? the taste of the fire pit?),  served with duck fat potatoes, beets, red sauerkraut , and a kabocha-radish salad. Both were delicious.

The dessert at Camino was also a style I like and see too rarely– just a collection of small not-too-sweet bites (candied grapefruit peel, honeycomb candy, etc). It reminded me (in a less over-the-top way) of the “boxes and trays of tiny bites for dessert” they have at Del Posto.