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Copenhagen Salty Licorice

1 Nov

In Copenhagen earlier this summer as part of the birthday week European tour (see the past week of posts), I took the “Black Gold” licorice tour. It’s not well advertised, and I was the only person to show up, so I felt a bit bad for the tour guide who did a whole two-hour walking tour just for me.


It included a lot of education about the history of licorice as a medicine, a “medicine” (tonic/elixir), a sweet, and a savory ingredient. I got to chew on a real licorice twig, eat a number of sweet and salty licorice candies (including many of the traditional licorices made with ammonium chloride salt– a noticeable ammonia/fishy taste which I liked), licorice ice cream, licorice syrups, meringues, intensely salty licorice menthol hard candies popular with sailors, and even a beer brewed with licorice.

Honestly, even I, licorice fiend, burned out a bit and felt sick of it by the end (but it was a well executed tour).