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Butchers and Beers

14 Feb

If you don’t want to see pictures of hog butchering, stop reading now.

Yesterday I went to a combination beer release party (Almanac Beer’s Winter Wit, with kara kara oranges, blood oranges, and ginger from local farms– they pointed out that while Wit is typically a summer beer, winter is citrus season in our neck of the woods… I liked it quite a bit, as well as the High Water Brewing No Boundaries IPA), pork dinner (shoulder with some sort of spicy gravy was my favorite, followed by the fatty pork-and-beer sausage and chicharrones), and hog butchering demonstration by Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats.

While I’ve always liked looking at the “cuts of meat diagrams” in an old Joy Of Cooking, and have been part of various whole animal roasts, this was the first time I’d watched up close as someone broke down an entire animal and pointed out the name of each cut as it was split apart. It really put the shape of the various lines of fat in bacon in context.