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First Montreal Bagel

26 Feb

I just had my first Montreal bagel (someone I know paid to have cases of them shipped overnight, from Montréal):

I did appreciate the slightly smoky taste from the wood burning oven, and the variation in surface browning, but they were also a bit sweeter and lighter (less chewy) than I like, so I still prefer the New York style. I may have to try making an unholy hybrid at some point– a New York style bagel cooked over a wood fire… not quite what the gas-grill-BBQ bagels were.

That being said, freshness (within a few hours of when they came out of the oven) has correlated well with bagels-I-love in the past, even in New York, so I’d really need to try a Montreal bagel at the source.

Robot Tea Strainer

28 Jan

Usually the robot must eat, but when he’s sick, he must drink tea:

Yet another food & drink blog

10 Jul

Yeah, how original.

Just a place to keep track of recipes, beer notes, restaurant photos, and so on.